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Accounting Needs are Met Using GAAP Standards

Personal or Business Accounting

We can Use Your Exisiting Accounting System or Provide a Custom Set-up of Quickbooks,
Tailored for Your Specific Needs.

    Accounts Recievable
           Monthly Analysis and Aging Reports
            Deposits Entry and/or Pick-up
            Invoicing/Billing Services
            Monthly Statement and Reminders
            Collection Services
   Accounts Payable
            Analysis to Help You Plan Your Cash Flows      
            Vendor Entry with Scheduling Service
            Printed Schedule of Timely Vendor Payments
            Electronic Payment of Vendors Available
            Check Runs for Approval and Signature Service
   Administrative Duties and Data Entry
           For Inventory and Billing
            Daily Reciepts of Expenses and Debits
            Credit Card Statement Entry for Expenses
            Employee Time for Payroll
            Job Specific Costs
            Document and Letter Preparation, Mailers, etc..
    Bank Statements
            Reconciliation and Adjustments
            Full or Partial Service
            Governmental Forms - I-9 Verification, W-4, Etc.
            Check Runs for Approval and Signature Service
            Direct Deposit to Employees
    General Ledger (Accrual or Cash-basis)
    Fixed Assets
            Additions, Sales, Depreciation
    Governmental Filings
            State Employment and SIIS
            Business Property Tax Calculation and Remittance
            County and City Fees Calculation and Remittance
            Modified Business Tax Calculation and Remittance
            Sales Tax Calculation and Remittance
            IRS Quarterlies, 941, 940 and Remittance for FICA, and FUTA
    Monthly Financial/Balance Sheets
            Show Income Coming In and Bills Going Out in Easy to Read Form.
            Custom Reports Suited to Your Business Needs.
    Professional Communication and Submittals to Your CPA/Tax Preparer
    Prior Year or Special Projects

  Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority.

We Proudly Use
Electronic Bookkeeping
Helps Save the Planet!

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